Bộ điều khiển PLC M241 Schneider

range of product
Modicon M241
product or component type
Logic controller
[Us] rated supply voltage
24 V DC
discrete input number
24 discrete input including 8 fast input conforming to IEC 61131-2 Type 1
discrete output type
discrete output number
16 transistor including 4 fast output
discrete output voltage
24 V DC for transistor output
discrete output current
0.1 A with Q0…Q3 terminal(s) for fast output (PTO mode)
0.5 A with Q0…Q15 terminal(s) for transistor output
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Mô tả chi tiết

  • Dimensions Drawings


  • Mounting and Clearance


    Mounting Position

    Acceptable Mounting

    NOTE: Expansion modules must be mounted above the logic controller.

    Incorrect Mounting

    Direct Mounting On a Panel Surface
    Mounting Hole Layout

  • Connections and Schema

    Digital Inputs
    Wiring Diagram

    (*) :
    Type T fuse
    (1) :
    The COM0, COM1 and COM2 terminals are not connected internally
    (A) :
    Sink wiring (positive logic)
    (B) :
    Source wiring (negative logic)
    Fast Input Wiring (I0…I7)

    Fast Transistor Outputs
    Wiring Diagram

    (*) :
    2 A fast-blow fuse
    Transistor Outputs
    Wiring Diagram

    (*) :
    Type T fuse
    (1) :
    The V1+, V2+ and V3+ terminals are not connected internally.
    (2) :
    The V1–, V2– and V3– terminals are not connected internally.
    USB Mini-B Connection

    Ethernet Connection to a PC