Custom Electrical Systems

Part of a successful electrical system design is one tailored to your business, whether that’s mining, quarry’s, manufacturing, or something else.

That’s why Quang Trung Hi Technology co., ltd has created a customised approach to electrical systems for manufacturing, mining, and quarry businesses.


Quality Electrical Design

The experts at Quang Trung have developed high-quality process systems that let you see successful outcomes through outstanding electrical system implementation that you can count on.

We create efficient and reliable electrical designs that allow you to overcome any hurdle you may have, and which allow your team to experience continuous improvement.

Experienced Electrical Contractors

Don’t work with just any old team of electricians. Work with a team that truly understands quality and that considers your specific needs.

Quang Trung will tailor electrical system solutions to every problem or process. Take your business to the next level with Quang Trung, and our tailored approach.

Comprehensive Systems

With many aspects of each installation, the Quang Trung team takes the time to understand your requirements and go the extra mile for your business.

Part of our culture is to put extra time and effort into your system design and planning, so your project is completed with ease. Quang Trung will create a comprehensive system that takes into consideration all your company’s needs.

Readily Available Electrical Contractors

When it’s time to plan your next project, you want to work with a team that’s ready to get started. Each of the staff members at Quang Trung is ready to get to work on your project.

Give the team a call to schedule a consultation so that we can get your electrical project underway and help you keep running smoothly!