Backed By Experience

The team at Quang Trung Hi Technology has specialised in manufacturing for years, giving each one of our team member’s specialised industry knowledge.

Know you’re working with a high-quality team of professionals that has the background knowledge needed to create fully functional and safe installations for your manufacturing project.

Broad Range Electrical Services

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to implementing a successful electrical outcome. The team at Quang Trung Hi Technology has experience working withing sawmills, agricultural, manufacturing spaces, food and beverage, and much much more.

No matter what your niche is, we’ll make sure to provide you with an electrical solution that makes sense for you.

Solutions For A Growing Market

The staff at Quang Trung understand that the world of manufacturing is constantly growing and changing. That’s why we keep up with industry changes so that we can create electrical systems that are modern and relevant to your business practices.

Every one of the employees on the Quang Trung team undergoes rigorous training. We’re always looking to keep up with moving trends and technologies, which is what sets us apart and allows us to provide you with outstanding service.

Best Practice Solutions

Don’t just work with a team that gets the job done. Work with a team that offers the best possible solution for every kind of electrical need. Our team implements quality delivery and implementation practices that put your personnel and your plant first.

Set up innovative and functional electrical solutions that help you accomplish your manufacturing tasks with ease.