Q-Series Conductivity Systems allow measurements in both ultrapure water and very high conductivity process water. A versatile 4—electrode sensor design provides measurement from 10 us to 2 S with a single sensor, with 2-electrode sensors available for high purity water. Toroidal sensors are also available Where electrode fouling is a major issue. 

ATI’s 4-Electrode Conductivity Transmitter is the answer for water quality monitoring almost any water-based process. Drinking water, plating bath solutions, cooling water, process wash water, or virtually any other aqueous system can be monitored accurately and reliably.

While the theory of monitoring conductivity is simple, in practice it can be very frustrating. While simple 2-electrode sensors are inexpensive and can provide accurate data, continuous water quality monitoring of even relatively clean water can foul the electrodes and degrade the measurement. Maintaining accuracy is made more difficult when the amount of solids dissolved in the process varies over a wide concentration range.