JU series Thyristor

The JU series small and lightweight thyristor regulators for single-phase loads are characterized with high panel installation density. Two control systems, a phase-angle firing system and a zero-cross firing system, are built in and can be changed by remote contacts signal.

  • Compact, lightweight and high panel installation density
  • The options of heater disconnection alarm function and current limit function are available.
  • The phase-angle firing system and the zero-cross firing system are selectable. The running by the phase-angle firing system at the initial stage and by the zero-cross firing system at the normal stage is possible.
  • With the delta-sigma modulation, which controls every 1 cycle, the fine control like the phase-angle firing system is possible.
  • Display of various parameters, voltage/current/ power and change of the feedback system are possible.
  • The thyristor element is protected by melting of the rapid fuse for short-circuit of load, and by gate-off for over-current. For models with a cooling fan built-in, alarm is activated and output is stopped for abnormal heat-sink temperature.
  • The self-diagnosis function is built in for abnormal operation, abnormal thyristor element and abnormal power supply.